06 December 2010

I'd like to register a complaint!

A letter from our readers.*
Dear Canada's Magic:
I'm a mentalist.  I've made a prediction that in a short amount of time this site is going to look very Toronto-centric.  Is that because you think the only important things going on are in Toronto?
Concerned Mentalist
 *So maybe this wasn't really a letter from our readers.  But it is a valid concern.

Dear Concerned Mentalist:

Thank you very much for taking the time to write in.

The truth about it is that I live in Toronto, the majority of my connections are in Toronto, so the news I hear most often has to do with Toronto.

Your concern is my concern and I invite everyone from across Canada to send in submissions to have your area represented.  Let's see if between us we can make sure that this wonderful country of ours is well represented!

Canada's Magic

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