27 August 2011

Toronto: offering magic VHS tapes

From James Alan:
I've been asked to help dispose of a rather large collection of Magic VHS cassettes. It contains over 380 commercially produced VHS cassettes (L&L publishing, A-1 Multimedia, etc) and includes just about any and all of the major releases you can think of.

It will go to whomever submits the best offer by 5PM on August 31, 2011. All offers will be considered, no matter how high or low.

Two caveats: 1. The collection is in Toronto and must be picked up, it will not be shipped and 2. There is no inventory of what videos are included and the owner has no intention of making one.

But if you're willing to dust off your VCR, this is definitely a huge treasure trove of magic waiting to be rediscovered!

Questions or bids can be sent to info at jamesalan dot ca

Good luck.
James Alan | info at jamesalan dot ca

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