24 September 2011

Niagara College Welland Campus: Alex Kazam

From the Facebook Page "ComicaZi" "DrinK, LaugH & PlaY!" *ALL AGES!*:
Hey guys, there is going to be an AMAZING show going on in the niagara college welland campus pub! Its called Comicazi and its going to feature some awesome local stand up talent, an amazing headliner and an improv show! The show is absolutely free and its going on from 7-9pm on Tuesday October 4th!

Headliner is ALEX KAZAM a hilariously refreshing modern comedic magician! His act is as mesmerizing as it is hilarious.

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For more information, visit "ComicaZi" "DrinK, LaugH & PlaY!" *ALL AGES!*

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