05 March 2012

Got Talent: Vladimir the Great!

Congratulations to Vladimir the Great from the Toronto auditions, for being the first magician to make it to the next level on Canada's Got Talent!  After the act, judge Martin Short said, "I think you are actually a wizard." 
You can watch the show streamed from CityTV here. Vladimir appears about 35 minutes in.

From the Toronto Star:
And then there was magician and illusionist Volodymyr Martyniuk, 52. At first it looked like Volodymyr might be a figure of fun, with his long grey ponytail, pirate-like jacket with garish gold embellishments and ruffled shirt. Measha complimented him on his “party in the back mullet.”

But Volodymyr astonished everyone by making candles appear from a handkerchief, and a rose and a small table float in mid-air.

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Will there be anyone we recognize from the Calgary auditions on tonight?

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