30 April 2012

Kingston: Bright Night, Big Dreams

From Kingston This Week:
Bright Night, Big Dreams is taking place Friday, May 4, from 6 to 9 p.m. at Renaissance Event Venue.

The event is in support of The Sunshine Foundation of Canada, a non-profit organization that grants dreams for children with severe physical disabilities and life-threatening illnesses. Dreams can include a chance to meet a hero, a trip or an item like a new bicycle.

“It breaks your heart and makes you happy at the same time,” said Elaine Turner, president of the Kingston branch of the Sunshine Foundation. “It breaks your heart that the child is ill, but it gives you such an uplift to know that one more child has had their dream fulfilled.”

The colourful cocktail reception will feature live entertainment by magician and illusionist Ray Chance and 3D chalk artist Guy Wales.

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