13 May 2012

Women in magic week: wrapping up

In keeping with the schedule at The Magic Castle, this will be the last post this year on the topic of influential Canadian women in magic.  Unfortunately, I don't have time to write detailed posts for the rest of the notable women.  Here they are, in no particular order:

The "ands":
Each of the "ands" is a big part of the success of the team as a whole.  These are fabulous women, all of them!

The many, many, magic assistants, like Gwyn Auger, who make the magicians look like miracle workers!  (Let me tell you, box jumping is no easy task.)

The rising stars:
  • Rosemary Reid
  • Niki Runnalls
  • Janna S.
  • Hannah Farquhar
  • Katie D
  • Gabbie D
  • Brianna Carlson
Keep an eye out for these talented young ladies! 

Who have I forgotten?

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