22 August 2012

Canadian card magicians

I received the following e-mail from reader Pepe F:
I'm doing a researching about card magic that involves the evolution and history of card magic in Canada. I'm looking for information about canadian magicians that were / are importants for the card magic worldwide.
The magicians that i'm looking information are: 
Roy Cottee
P. Howard Lyons
Ron Scharf
Mel Stover
Cliff Green
Sid Lorraine 
And any other canadian magicians that are influenced in evolution of card magic. I'm interested in other people, perhaps i don't know.

If you have information about Canadian card magicians you'd to share with Pepe (and us!) please leave a comment, e-mail me or e-mail Pepe directly at "josfemo at gmail dot com" (without the quotes).

Also from Pepe:
Last december, i started a social web related with magic, it's called magicsocial and is like facebook but for magicians, registrations are free, people can share magic videos, photos, or experiences. Is in spanish and english language. You can register and see.


  1. Dai Vernon should be in that list

  2. Hi Ray!

    You're right, of course! There's a lot out there published on Vernon. It's quite likely Pepe's been able to gather the information he needs.

    If not, this will be a big help to him!

    Thanks for making the time to comment.

  3. Hi, I'm Pepe,

    Thanks for the help!
    Of course Dai Vernon has to be in that list, and others like Stewart James o Ross Bertram, but from this magicians is easier to find information, and i have some, but from the list above, it's dificult to me to get information.

    All information you give me is welcome


  4. I know Roy Cottee personally