18 August 2012

Lies, Damn Lies and More Media Coverage

From Mooney on Theatre:
Lies, Damn Lies & Magic Tricks is James Alan’s intimate magic show. It doesn’t make you smarter or share the secret to making money without working.

The show is a magic act, not a play. It is very engaging and entertaining. An hour will fly by before you know it.

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From Open 'Til Midnight:
During the course of his performance, Alan never loses sight of the notion that magic requires a sort of social contract between prestidigitator and audience member.  I, as the observer, must agree to believe him, even if I know that he doesn’t play fair; he, in turn, makes magic happen that evokes wonder and, ultimately, turns any conclusions I might draw on their heads by the very end.  What we believe and what we refuse to believe is toyed with and pushed to its limits by one feat after another.

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Amber Waves has also posted a short clip of the show on YouTube:

For show and ticket information, visit the Abracadabaret website.

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