26 December 2012

David Peck and Matt DiSero in M-U-M

There's a nice write up by James Alan, of David Peck and Matt DiSero's show, "Mosquitoes Suck," in the December issue of M-U-M.

From Scribd:
Two Canadian magicians deliver a magic show that sucks...on purpose.

Three-hundred-fifty high school students from tendifferent schools filed into the auditorium at David SuzukiSecondary School for a new show that blends magic, comedy, and social justice:  Mosquitoes Suck . It was designed as a way to createawareness among youth about international and social justice andto offer them a call to action. The goal is to raise money for Spread the Net, which provides insecticide-treated bed nets that provide nighttime protection from mosquito bites. The show was written and created by David Peck and Matt DiSero.

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