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15 December 2012

Doug Henning

We've had a lot of Doug Henning related anniversaries come through our calendar this month!

John Cox has a great post up commemorating the 35th anniversary of Doug's third live "World of Magic" television special on NBC.
From Wild About Houdini:
It was 35 years today ago on December 15, 1977, that NBC aired Doug Henning's third live "World of Magic" television special. Having performed the Chinese Water Torture Cell and Vanishing Elephant on his first two specials, Henning once again built his show around a Houdini classic -- Walking Through A Brick Wall.

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And for your viewing pleasure, two YouTube videos recently posted at iTricks:


  1. Thanks for the shout out. It's good to see all this love for Doug. :)

  2. My pleasure John! We'll mention your review of Spellbinder later in the week...