29 January 2013

Billy Kidd's international press on The Magic of Science

From Focus Taiwan:
Taipei, Jan. 25 (CNA) Canadian magician Billy Kidd astounded a Taipei audience Friday with a routine of science-based tricks during an event to promote a new TV series that purports to "fuse science with magic."

Kidd demonstrated several routines, including how to pick up a glass full of rice with a knife and command a straw to spin, to the awe of some 300 magic fans and children.
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From Rappler:
MANILA, Philippines - Female magicians are a rare species. Gorgeous Canadian half-Pinay magicians are even rarer.

But that’s precisely who Gia Anne-Marie Felicitas aka “Billy Kidd” is.

If I hadn’t been told she was a magician, I would not have suspected it. With her Eurasian features (that would not look out of place on a magazine cover), her edgy jet black bob, and black Doc Martens, Billy Kidd looked like some artsy chick at best.

But her large eyes that glinted with mischief told all.

The 30-year-old illusionist was in Manila last January 23 for the launch of her new show on Discovery Channel, “The Magic of Science.” The 9-part series follows Billy and 3 other (hot) young magicians as they perform street magic in New York, Warsaw, and London.

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