26 January 2013

Calgary: WowFest

Updated on Sat. Jan 26 to add info from MetroNews.ca

Calgary's first ever Magic Festival, WowFest, will be happening on Saturday February 23rd, 2013!  The day includes a Family Fun Magic Show, a concert of Close-Up Wonders and a Stage Magic Gala.

From MetroNews.ca:
WowFest is the brainchild of Calgary magician Ryan Pilling, who said he’s been wanting to create such an event since 2007 when he hosted a conference for magicians.

Pilling, a magician for 15 years, was able to get the concept off the ground after receiving a grant from Calgary 2012, allowing him to invite nearly a dozen performers.

“It’s going to be one day full of magic,” he said, adding most of the magicians are from the Calgary area, although one performer is flying in from Texas and another hails from Japan.
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Read more about WowFest and buy tickets!

To show your support for WowFest:
  • If you live in or near Calgary, be sure to buy tickets and attend the shows!
  • If you haven't already, go and "like" the WowFest Facebook page and then go to the WowFest website to subscribe to the project's newsletter.
  • Consider being a programme sponsor.
  • Donate via IndieGoGo (Ryan's offering up a wonderful assortment of magical goodies in exchange for your financial support!)

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