08 January 2013

Kickstarter: Where the magic happens

Updated February 1st to let you know that the project has passed its funding goal!

Jon Paris thought our readers might like to get involved in supporting the post-production costs of "Where the magic happens: A new documentary by Subjective Films."

From iTricks:
A new look into some of the most interesting magic stories on the planet might never reach a screen near you unless they get a little help. Subjective Films is asking for $30,000 in post-production costs so they can edit together footage of Jon Armstrong, Lance Burton, Mac King, Max Maven and Jan Rouven as well as many other boldface names around The Magic Castle and Las Vegas.

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Pledge gifts include Magic Castle playing cards, a pre-release DVD, a limited number of tickets for a tour of the Magic Castle with Max Maven and a one-on-one magic lesson with Jon Armstrong!

For more information, or to donate, please visit the Subjective Films Kickstarter page.

Thanks for sending this along, Jon!

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