28 January 2013

Montreal: Camirand Magic Courses

From Camirand Magic:
Basic Course, Level 1: starts Tuesday April 2th 2013.
Camirand Academy of Magic level 1 course is designed for those interested in magic and want to learn the methods of the professional even if this is not their goal to make a living in magic.

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Stage Course: Starts Wedneday April 3rd 2013.

This 30 hour course is open to students from the Basic Course Level One. This is magic on stage using dexterity with day to day objects. Each course as a theme and the full three hours are dedicated to a complete stage routine. Some of the themes included Card Productions, Balls Productions, Basic Mental Routines, Egg Bag, Floathing Ball, and other classics. These courses deal with theatrical aspect of performance, scenario, moving on stage, sound systems, lighthing and other aspect of the magic on stage.

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