07 January 2013

Show your support for WowFest

Back in October we first heard the news about Ryan Pilling's idea for Wowfest -- a Magic Arts Festival that he'd like to launch in Calgary.  In November he shared the exciting news that he received funding for the project!  (Listen to Ryan interviewed on CBC's The Homestretch, talking about WowFest.)

Like all grassroots projects, they are happy to receive any support you can offer!  Want to help, but don't know how?  Consider these options:
  • Do you live in or near Calgary, be sure to buy tickets and attend the shows!
  • If you haven't already, go and "like" the WowFest Facebook page and then go to the WowFest website to subscribe to the project's newsletter.
  • Consider being a programme sponsor.
  • Donate via IndieGoGo (Ryan's offering up a wonderful assortment of magical goodies in exchange for your financial support!)

Ryan is a strong supporter of the Canadian magic community.  (He's also a sponsor of this website!)  Let's all show him some generosity back!

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