21 February 2013

Michael Francis: World record holder!

From Mississauga.com:
Since 2005, the Guinness World Record for most one-handed coin rolls in a minute has been 45, until Sunday (Feb. 10) when Clarkson resident Michael Francis passed a U.S. half dollar  between his fingers 49 times in one minute.

"It means a lot," said Francis. "In the magic of field, most coin rolls a minute has been the most highly regarded one … all of the biggest magicians have tried for it."

Well, move over Houdini because the 28-year-old broke an additional four coin rolling records Sunday: most consecutive coin rolls in one minute with two hands, 92 (previous record 78); most multiple coin rolls in a minute with one hand, 29 (previous record 26); most one-handed coin rolls with no time limit, 986 (previous record 72) and most consecutive coin rolls with two hands, no time limit, 211 (previous record 102).

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The article goes on to say that Michael is going to attempt to break an additional 25 Guinness World Records this year!  Good luck Michael!

By my count, that puts the total of Canadian Guinness World Record holding magicians to four! 

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