20 March 2013

Richmond: Penn & Teller

From River Rock Casino Resort:
Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Penn & Teller have performed together for over thirty years combining the art of magic with comedy. And along the way, they have made the hardest trick of all – a remarkable career that ranges from stage to television to three best-selling books – look easy. Since first teaming up in 1975 when they combined Teller’s silent, occasionally creepy magic with Penn Jillette’s clown college education and juggling expertise, the duo have created an entertainment success story that went from the streets to small clubs to national theatre tours. Their live show has been a hit on Broadway and throughout North America and now has a permanent home at the Rio in Las Vegas. Penn & Teller’s understanding of magic and their ability to relate to audiences with their comedic approach has also garnered serious academic attention … they serve as Visiting Scholars at MIT which is the highest honour bestowed by the school.

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[via Lots of fun, respect in Penn and Teller’s magic moments in The Province]

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