05 March 2013

Update to the Johnny Giordmaine tribute site

A message from the curator of the Johnny Giordmaine tribute site:
Hello again! It's now March 2013. This is the fifth anniversary of our informal tribute to Canada's most beloved children's magician, Johnny Giordmaine (1898-1974). Many thanks to the hundreds and hundreds of you who have have already visited us in the past. Here's news about our eleven new pages of updates that might bring you back for another visit this month. "Reprints" and items of special interest include:

* Johnny featured in "M-U-M" (official publication of the SAM);

* Johnny featured in "The Linking Ring" (official publication of the IBM);

* Rarely seen home movie footage of Johnny at the 1930 IBM Convention;
* Feature cover stories on Johnny in "The Magic Magazine" and "The Gen" from the UK;

* Heartfelt obituary notices from "The Linking Ring" written by Sid Lorraine and Elizabeth Warlock;

* And more!

All copyrighted material as always used with permission.

If you remember Johnny at all you will most certainly want to rekindle your happy memories with a visit to this site. If you never met him, or if you have no idea who he was, please come and discover all about one of Canada's most memorable figures in 20th century magic. Perhaps you will even find inspiration for your own 21st century magic?

Personal memories about Johnny are always very welcome too. Contact information is on the site... http://www.johngiordmaine.com

A special thank you, Canada's Magic, for your ongoing support and greatly appreciated encouragement!

The pleasure is ours! Thank you for continuing to keep us updated with your progress.

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