18 June 2013

Welcoming a new patron: Perfect Magic!

Welcome to our newest sponsor, Evelyn and Phil Matlin from Perfect Magic!

In Montreal in 1976, Perfect Magic was founded as a mail-order company run out of a basement, selling their own original products.  In short time, they grew out of their basement and into a retail property of their own.  They expanded their catalogue with more original products.  In 1979, they collaborated wtih C.W. Vermeys to launch the very first Magie Montréal convention!  Magie Montréal ran annually until 1998.

In the words of David Acer, "Today, Perfect Magic continues to be a highly respected manufacturer, distributor and retail outlet, supplying tricks and accessories to magicians around the world."

If you haven't already, check out their blog, Perfect Magic Then and Now, where Evelyn shares wonderful stories from her 30+ years of experience in the magic business.  If you keep tabs on their Facebook page or Twitter feed, you will be notified when new blog posts are up.

Did you know that Phil is also a professional ragtime piano player?  Browse through his YouTube channel! I enjoy both of his CD's, Ragtime Daze and Ragtime Magic.

I had the pleasure of meeting both Evelyn and Phil at this year's Spring CAM-JAM.  They are warm, and wonderful people!

Thank you Evelyn and Phil, for your constant support of the Canadian magic scene and your sponsorship of this website!

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