23 July 2013

Ben Train on Full Circle Magic

From Full Circle Magic's, March 11th Q&A with Benzi Train:
What I have noticed, in the real world, from those who succeed is that they are IRREPLACEABLE. If you’re just a guy who does card tricks then ANYONE who does good card tricks can fill in for you. But if you’re LAURA, and that means something, then no one can fill in for you. It could be your character, or the clients perception about who you are and what you do. Either way, if the client thinks “I want LAURA” rather then “I want a magician”, you’re on you’re way to, well, something.

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  1. Anonymous23 July, 2013

    Haha that's me he's talking to and about! This was an awesome q&a! There's a lot to take away from it!
    Laura Eisele

  2. Hi Laura! Thanks for dropping by!

    You're famous now!!!