14 July 2013

Magic in the Rockies

James Alan thought our readers might be interested in reading the note below:


I am the Secretary for Ring 250, the Presto Digitators, in Fort Collins, CO.  I am contacting you on behalf of our Ring and our annual convention, Magic In The Rockies.  After some consideration of not having our 20th anniversary edition of the convention (due to problems with our hotel's availability) we are trying to get the word out that we will have the convention, just on different dates than in the past.  Would it be possible to get the following notice into your monthly club newsletter, or otherwise pass it along to your membership?  We would appreciate any help you could provide in getting the word out to magicians in your area.


Magic In The Rockies 2013

We are pleased to announce that Magic In The Rockies, our 20th anniversary edition, will take place this year, though we have a few changes in store.  The biggest change is the date.  This year, MITR will be held Oct 3-6 at the Marriott in Fort Collins, CO, a full month later than in years past, but otherwise it will be the same convention that all of our regular attendees have come to know and love.  We have headliners and attendees from all over the world yet the convention is still an intimate gathering (usually under 250 magicians) where you get to rub elbows with some of the great names in magic.  For a review of last year's MITR, take a look at your December copy of The Linking Ring, page 42, for a review of last year.  Also, there is a slide show of highlights from last year's convention on our club website, www.prestodigitators.com.

One thing that has not changed for 2013 is our prices.  We have kept the registration fees the same as last year!

Keep checking our website www.magicintherockies.org or www.prestodigitators.com for updates, headliner and dealer lists, and registration information.  Additional names of headliners, dealers and schedules will be added soon.   For questions or registrations, we can be reached by email at mitrcon@gmail.com.

Thanks in advance, and please let me know if you have any questions.


Bob Blea
IBM Ring 250, The Presto-Digitators

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