10 August 2013

Gwyn Auger inteviews Lorena Watters

 Gwyn Auger interviews Lorena Watters in the 9th edition (Aug / Sept 2013) of Vanish International Magic Magazine.  The article starts at page 172. 

From Vanish Magizane:
What got you started in magic?

Well I always knew i was going to do some sort of entertainment. My parents enrolled me in dance classes at a young age and i was in all the plays and musicals in school. But Trevor got me started in Magic! We went to the same college, I was in the Theatre program and he was in the Stage craft program. During productions and rehearsals, our classes would work together a lot. Trevor and I started talking and hanging out more, then one day he asked if I could fit into a box and stick 12 swords in it and the rest is history!

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