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02 September 2013

Montreal: Steve Reynolds lecture

From Montreal Magic Jam:
Sunday September 15th

What do Bill Malone, Jon Racherbaumer, Allan Ackerman and Lance Pierce have in common?

They all agree about one thing: If you want to transform how you think about magic and how you can be the performer you were meant to be, you MUST spend quality time with Steve Reynolds.

Those magicians who do not consider themselves technical virtuosos choose Steve’s versions of their favorite effects because they are easy to do and fun to perform. Technicians also choose these same methods because they create the clearest effect on their audiences. However, Steve will not just be teaching his effects, he will be teaching The Monks Way: his philosophy on how to create great magic and how to become a great magician in order to truly entertain and fool your audiences.

Read more and buy tickets.

[via Perfect Magic]

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