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08 January 2014

Ben Train in the UK and Amsterdam

From Ben Train's Facebook page:
Hey friends (and soon to be friends), 
I am about to embark on a 10 city lecture tour throughout the UK. If you're near ANY of these places I hope you come out and have an amazing time with us! 
If you're not, well shucks. Next time. Meanwhile, share this so that anyone else close by will know about it! 
See you soon,
Ben Train 
Thursday January 9th, 2014: The Surrey Society (Surrey)
January 10th-12th, 2014: The Session Convention (Cheltenham)
Monday January 13th, 2014: The Manchester Circle of Magicians (Manchester)
Tuesday January 14th, 2014: The Blackpool Magicians Club (Blackpool)
Wednesday January 15th, 2014: The Wolverhampton Circle of Magicians (Wolverhampton)
Thursday January 16th, 2014: The Fritz Alkemade Club (Amsterdam)
Monday January 20th, 2014: The Leicester Magic Circle (Leicester)
Tuesday January 21st, 2014: The British Magical Society (Birmingham)
Wednesday January 22nd, 2014: The Nine of Diamonds Magic Group (Edinburgh)
Tuesday January 28th, 2014: The Aberdeen Magic Club (Aberdeen)

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