05 January 2014

Celeste Evans: Queen of Magic

Part 1 from iTricks:
Celeste Evans is a living legend in the world of magic. She describes herself as “a museum relic.”

One of the most successful women magicians in history, Celeste spent the 1960s touring around the world literally performing for royalty. Now retired, she was good enough to talk to iTricks in this two part interview.

Read more and watch video of Celeste on To Tell the Truth.

Part 2 from iTricks:
Last week iTricks spoke to her about breaking through the boys’ club of magic and finding success in New York and on television. This week she talks about her international stardom and even offers some advice to today’s magicians.

Born in a small town in British Columbia just north of the Washington State border, Celeste Evans was initially drawn to magic partially because she was told it was something girls simply could not do. Dedicating herself to practice, she studied magic on her own for years. As a young woman, she moved to Vancouver for a job and was finally able to acquire sleight of hand lessons from local magic store owner Jon Kirby, although the local magic club was for men only. Shows around town led to an Asian tour of Canadian military bases, more touring and eventually her first television show. By 1957, Celeste Evans was not only doing nationally televised American shows such as To Tell The Truth, she was featured in an important SAM show and even landed on the cover of Genii.

Read more.

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