15 February 2014

David Blaine a Ford fan

News reports about David Blaine's meeting with Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford:

From The Star:
Meanwhile, well over a dozen journalists, plus TV cameras and photographers, were camped outside Mayor Rob Ford’s office waiting for famed magician David Blaine to appear.

Blaine had apparently phoned Doug Ford Thursday night to see if he could pop over to city hall and meet Toronto’s notorious mayor.

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From Global Toronto:
The magician entered and exited the mayor’s office through the back door and was kept out of the gaze of Toronto’s media.

The impromptu meeting was apparently set up late Thursday night when Doug Ford said he received a call from the magician.

“He said ‘I’m a big fan of your brother, and I’d love to come by and do a few tricks,’” Ford claimed.

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From Sun News:
Mayor Rob Ford got a magical visit from David Blaine on Friday.

Blaine — clearly a master magician — managed to enter and leave the mayor’s office through the back door, avoiding media gathered out front.

“David Blaine was amazing,” Ford said after the private show for a collection of mayor’s office staffers, councillors and the city’s top bureaucrats. Ford’s staff did show off a bent quarter and a playing card — the five of hearts — as evidence of Blaine’s appearance.

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