02 March 2014

Manitoba museum an honour to son

Updated at 2:50pm to add:

Philip's Magical Paradise
"Preserving Canada's Magical Heritage with treasures donated by magicians from around the world."

From the Winnipeg Sun:
It's been operating for 22 years in the RM of Ste. Anne and believed to be the only museum of its kind in Western Canada, but most Manitobans have never heard of it.

"We're a hidden treasure out here," Marilyn Hornan said Wednesday morning.

Philip's Magical Paradise is a magic museum that opened south of Winnipeg in the village of Giroux in 1991. It's a tribute to Marilyn and Gordon Hornan's youngest son, Philip Hornan.

Philip had been a magician since he was a youngster and his love for magic only grew as he got older.

"Unfortunately, cancer took him at the age of 15," Gordon said. "His request was to create a room for everyone to enjoy, to keep the magic in life."

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The article goes on to discuss how "performers who provided items were Gunnarson, Lance Burton, Doug Henning and Peter Reveen."   In addition they mention a piece on display which includes something once owned by Houdini himself!

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