30 May 2014

David Ben on Ross Bertram and Sleight-of-Hand

From Magicana's article "Sleight-of-Hand":
Ross Bertram was a legendary figure in the world of magic, first coming to international prominence for his pure sleight-of-hand in the 1940s when he was invited to be part of the “Stars of Magic”, the magic equivalent of a art movement or group, whose techniques were offered by subscription to magicians around the world. Dai Vernon, his friend, and fellow Canadian, and the most influential magician of the 20th century, had invited him to participate. Ross disappeared from view in the 1960s, the stress and strain of a life in show business having taken its toll. He reappeared in the late 70s, just when my interest in sleight-of-hand began to percolate.

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From Magicana's article "Improvisation":
“Learn as many sleights at as you possibly can and then improvise,” was Ross Bertram’s advice. 
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