15 May 2014

Toronto: The Uncertainty Project by James Alan

It's worth noting that Early Bird tickets are available until May 18th, at a very deep discount.

June 18 - 21 
James Alan appears on stage. Live and unexpected things happen. There is surprise…again and again. Odd things take place that don’t fit neatly into our tidy view of the universe.

This is The Uncertainty Project. Your viewpoint will be turned upside down. Not so gently.

The Uncertainty Project is a presentation of illusion and astonishing moments of wonder unlike the City of Toronto has ever known. It’s about what we know and what we don’t know. It’s about what will happen next or what should happen next…but doesn’t. A leap of faith or a pondering of possibilities. Learning that our assumptions are faulty and that our senses are unreliable.

This isn’t a magic show. This is a show of impossibilities.

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