29 July 2014

Reviews: Keith Brown's Exchange

From the CBC:
I’m a brash skeptic who will dismiss any magician’s trick shown to me on video by simply yelling “IT’S VIDEO!” and storming away. I don’t believe in anything supernatural as much as I believe in the human mind’s ability to manipulate and be manipulated, even by itself.

That said, Keith Brown blew my little pumpkin all over the back wall of Venue 5 on Friday night. And not just with his tricks, each of which elicited a reaction from the audience that I suspect would have been the same if we had just seen a shark attack him on stage.

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From the Winnipeg Free Press:
Baby-faced London, Ont., magician Keith Brown wants to make your fringe experience a magical one, and his one-man, hour-long Exchange hits the mark. Featuring straight-up magic — with playing cards, cellphones and neckties — and an impressive use of a memory palace to memorize a deck of cards, Brown’s sweetness and talent charm the audience. And when he brings out some curious and pointy props for his finale, he brings the show home with stomach-churning impressiveness.

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