24 August 2014

Canadian magicians and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Quite a number of magicians have taken the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:  Isaac HaberHarris IIILazarus Benson, Rich Ferguson, Wayne Gonce, Justin WillmanMichael TrixxThomas HaydenBrad Ross, Penn & Teller, Piff the Magic Dragon & Mac King, and many, many more I'm sure.

Alex Seaman thought that it was time for Canadian magicians to get into the game.  At Sorcerers Safari Magic and Performance camp, he took the challenge and then challenged the entire camp.  The campers took up the challenge, with a little help from Steve Valentine.  Watch what happened next:

They're looking at you:  Jon Armstrong, Jay Sankey, David Acer, Johnny Ace Palmer, Oscar Munoz, Eric Buss, Steven Kline, Greg Frewin, Dan Harlan, Lee Asher, Aaron Fisher, Nathan Kranzo, Danny Garcia, Michael Ammar, The Buck Twins, Soma, Shawn Farquhar, Eric Jones, Justin Flom, Joe and Carol Givan, Lance Burton, Penn & Teller, Criss Angel, Wayne Houchin, Nathan Burton, Mac King, Rich Bloch, David Blaine, David Copperfield, Dan Sperry, Homer Liwag, Chris Kenner, The Amazing Johnathan and Anastasia, Jordan Gomez, Alex RamonJustin Willman, Eric Mead, Kevin James, Jen & Mike Segal!

Donations to ALS research can be made at ALS.ca

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