21 August 2014

[Guest post] Kreskin at the CNE

The following is a guest post from an author who wishes to be known as The Magic Demon.  Photos taken during Kreskin's second show at the CNE on Friday, August 15th, 2014.


Kreskin loves Canada. And Canada loves Kreskin. He said he thinks of Canada as his second home. Many Canadians even think of him as one of us. No wonder, we've long been enthralled by his charismatic performances, most memorably those also seen throughout the world during his famous 1970s television series taped in Ottawa and Toronto.

Kreskin's twice daily performances at this year's CNE in Toronto is like attending a master class in audience management. With nothing more than his easily recognized voice and considerable stage presence, Kreskin presents a remarkable demonstration of the "powers of suggestion". He says it is definitely not any kind of hypnosis (which he asserts does not exist anyway). Whatever it is, he held the entire audience (both onstage and offstage) spellbound with his supreme confidence and showmanship honed over a lifetime of such performances.

Here Kreskin's "powers of suggestion" render onstage audience members unable to voluntarily control the movement of their own hands and fingers, much to the amusement of the rest of the audience.

During the show Kreskin stopped to chat with this onstage audience member who, under Kreskin's influence, appeared to be unable to remember his own name.

Here Kreskin's influence causes an onstage audience member to believe the woman beside him has eleven fingers, which he repeatedly miscounted, much to his growing bewilderment.

Kreskin concluded his entertaining performance with an homage to Dunninger: "For those who believe, no explanation is necessary. For those who don't [believe], none will be good enough". Kreskin's shows follow in the tradition of Dunninger's who originated the disclaimer.

Anyone within traveling distance of the CNE should see Kreskin this summer. His act may be old school but he still knocks it out of the park each and every time. At nearly 80 he is an inspiration. Dare I say "amazing"? There is so much to learn from watching him. He's well worth the price of admission.

Also at this year's CNE in Toronto, ventriloquist Michael Harrison presents two shows daily. His laughter-filled act is clever and fast paced and a total audience pleaser.

Here Michael does the talking for both his dummy and also for an audience member in a climax to his act that left his delighted audience wishing for more.

Photo taken during Michael's second CNE show on Friday, August 15th, 2014.

If you plan to attend this summer's CNE in Toronto you should be sure to check out the "Browser's Den of Magic" booth in the Hobby Building. Although primarily designed to create interest among newbies, there's some extra good deals on offer that should be of interest to all.

Here Browser's Den of Magic associate Ahmed entertains an enchanted young fan.

Photo taken at the CNE on Friday, August 15th, 2014.


Thank you The Magic Demon for guest posting at Canada's Magic!

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