22 August 2014

Random thoughts from Sorcerers Safari 2014

  • Mike and Jen Segal are totally awesome and inspiring people!
  • It is tremendous that organizations such as Ellusionist support Sorcerers Safari. (Kids, did you remember to send a quick "thank you" e-mail to them for the generous gift you received?  Do it now!  -- Mom)
  • The safety and welfare of the children is an absolute priority.
  • Spotted: Mike and Jen SegalDan WeibeEric LeclercAaron FisherDave MitchellCarey LauderLee AsherDick JoinerSteven Kline, Lisa & Michael CloseBen Train, Chris MayhewMike D'UrzoChris PilsworthRosemary ReidJoan CaesarEvelyn and Phil Matlin, Becki & Bill Wells, Philip DaCostaMark Correia,  Lorena & Trevor WattersChris WestfallScott HammellAlex Seaman, LoranAsi Wind and Steve Valentine ... I'm sure there were more!
  • It's very cool to see that some of the youth of today have such a philanthropic bent.  I'm thinking here of Mark Correia's "Escaping Parkinson's" stunt to raise money for Parkinson's research project which raised over $15000 and Alex Seaman entry in to the "Ice Bucket Challenge" to raise funds for ALS (video to be seen shortly).
  • One just never knows where Aaron Fisher is going to appear.
  • It can get mighty cold at night.
  • The star-gazing is incredible away from all the city lights!
  • Cube Zags are cool.
  • There's always something to do or someone to talk to.  If you want "down time" you have to make it! (And risk missing out!)
  • I saw a deer and a rabbit in the woods.  And a hummingbird too!
  • Egg plants can be really big.
  • Bonfires can have blue flames! (Merci Loran!)
  • Candlelit lanterns are wonderful.
  • The campers' show was all kinds of AWESOME! Twenty-seven brave performers in just under 2 hours!  My favourite from the campers' show was Holden & Brett's 3 card monte routine.  (Although Ava and Steve's partnership came a close second.)
  • To answer a question asked by Doug, Steve Valentine may very well be taller than David Acer.  
  • If you haven't met Steve Valentine yet, get thee to the Browser's Den for the "Getting together with Steve Valentine" event.  He's a wonderful person.  You're welcome.
  • Being a cabin counselor is a tough gig.  The magic has to come second to taking care of the kids.  (Kind of like being a parent.)
  • The kids at camp are were very polite.  They spontaneously thanked me for interviewing them!  Impressive.
  • Perfect Magic also brought thoughtful gifts for the campers!  (Kids, I just said you were polite, so while you're sending your thank you e-mail to Ellusionist, make sure you send one to Perfect Magic too.  Do it now!  -- Mom)
  • Carey Lauder is an incredible photographer.  (See samples of his magic camp from three years back in Vanish magazine.)
  • Chris Mayhew shot some fabulous footage – I can't wait to see this year's camp video!
  • Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp gets better every year!
  • Mike Segal and Mike Toal should be very proud of what they started together over 18 years ago.
  • Sorcerers Safari is full of super nice, caring, talented individuals!

Don't just take my word for it, here's what other people had to say about this summer's magic camp experience:

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