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13 September 2014

Tony Chris in The Tri-Cities Now

From The Tri-Cities Now:
Tony Chris produced the ultimate in magic competitions last month: he pulled a silver medal out of his hat. And then a gold.

For Chris, a professional magician who lives in Coquitlam, it wasn't an easy feat. The other acts at the Pacific Coast Association of Magicians were good, he says.

So good that he assumed he hadn't even placed.

Besides that, impressing the judges at the annual gathering requires a whole other kind of showmanship than entertaining the public, he adds. The judges, who are all professional magicians and past officers of the association, pretty much all knew how the illusions are accomplished. They're judging how well the illusion is performed, based on several criteria including ranging from the artist's wardrobe to their "magicality" and entertainment value.

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[via Perfect Magic]

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