16 September 2014

Wizard Wars episode 4 (with Billy Kidd) recap

You can watch Episode Four, "Blown Away" at Space.

From Liberty Voice:
After the calculator in the balloon trick, Kidd mentioned that being Canadian meant that she loved maple syrup, a container of which had been sitting on the stage in front of a trashcan since the act’s beginning. Giving the bottle of sealed syrup to wizard Gregory Wilson, who confirmed that it was sealed, she and Leon began their finish.

Taking four leaves, Leon asked Penn & Teller to sign one of them and he then put all four in the leaf blower to be ejected so that Billy could skewer the autographed leaf with a single chopstick. This did not work and the payoff was that the object was in the sealed bottle of syrup. Cue real excitement from not just the audience but the judges and wizards as well.

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