16 December 2014

Toronto: Louie Lebetjis lecture

Sunday, January 11, 2015 
Dear Denizens!

We are very pleased to offer you another fine lecture to start off the new year by sleight of hand cardician LOUIE LEBETJIS.

Big Lou as we call him at the shop will be performing and explaining 14 Magic Moves on this day. Of course he will be first performing card routines that utilize these moves and then breaking them down for you for easy understanding and study.

Some of the moves Louie will be covering are: Misdirection Palm, Gamblers Cop, Miracle Card Switch, Hugard/Braue Card Addition, Elmsley Count/Ghost Count, Packet Switches, In-Jog Shuffles, Dribble/dribble -Riffle pass, Illogical Double, Triple, Sidesteal, Flat-Palm, Slip-cut, Slip shuffle, Vernon Add On, Block Push Offs, False Counts, Single Buckle Count, Vernon Strip-Out Addition, Ace Production, False Transfer/take, Multiple Cards Top Palm, One Handed Top Palm.

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