03 January 2015

Review: The Conjuror

Reminder: The Conjuror ends on January 4.

The Conjuror David Ben showed off some family-friendly hocus pocus at Toronto’s Young Centre for the Performing Arts. Watching The Conjuror in action was a enchanting way to welcome the new year for me and my little companion.

Set in 1909 at London’s St. George’s Hall, the show was a mesmerizing series of magic feats typical of the Golden Age of Magic: we saw a person being sawed in half (ouch!), a handkerchief playing hide and seek, and an egg being thrown around without breaking.

The set was simple. We did not see a flashy David Copperfield-style spectacle, but instead saw classic acts performed against a relatively plain background. No neon lights or booming music. As a result, we were successfully transported to an early 20th century London stage.

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