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14 February 2015

Europe: Jay Sankey tour

I also love meeting my awesome students and fans. Which is why I'm so psyched for my European Lecture Tour, starting NEXT WEEK! 
Bruxelles/ Feb 16
Lieges/ Feb 17
Luxembourg/ Feb 18
Geneve/ Feb 19
Reims/ Feb 20
Strasbourg/ Feb 21
Dijon/ Feb 23
Clermont Ferrand/ Feb 24
St. Etienne/ Feb 25
Nimes/ Feb 26
Marseille/ Feb 27
Toulouse/ Feb 28
Poitiers/ March 2
Lorient/ March 3
Paris/ March 4
Bale/ March 5
Zurich/ March 6
Lille/ March 9
Velden/ March 10
Antwerpen/ March 11 
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