26 February 2015

Festival de magie de Québec 2015

From the Festival de Magie as translated through Google translate:
From Thursday 3 to Sunday, September 6, 2015, the population of the Quebec City, Quebec tourists and magic lovers everywhere will be invited in the St-Roch Nouvo order to live magic moments. Indeed, several shows and events they will be offered by artists handpicked and only goal is to make them unforgettable and enchanting moments!
 For this 5th edition, will focus programming and animation at five locations to make the festival as accessible as possible to all. These will be: the square of the Saint-Roch Church, Benjo store, Theatre Lined, Little Imperial and Gabrielle-Roy Library. We expect more than 20,000 people.

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About the contest:
The Association du Festival de magie de Québec is very proud to announce the establishment the third edition of an international calibre contest in Quebec for amateur and professional magicians around the world.

We are also very proud that the first prize and the name of this contest bear the name of a legend and extraordinary pioneer of magic in Quebec. Many thanks to the Cailloux family for allowing us to use Michel Cailloux’s name.

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Watch a documentary about the 2014 experience from the Festival de magie de Québec's YouTube channel:

[via the Canadian Association of Magicians]

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