20 February 2015

Ted and Marion Outerbridge in the Nanaimo Daily News

From the Nanaimo Daily News:
Ted Outerbridge's love of illusions started at the age of seven when the neighbourhood magician Magic Tom freaked him out by pulling an egg out of his ear.

The same magician had a TV show out of Montreal, and Outerbridge also has a specific memory of watching him perform a trick with hankerchiefs that blew his mind.

"I still remember it today, how I was so amazed, and I was very determined to be able to deliver that same experience of wonder," he said.

It became an obsessive focus as Outerbridge studied magic books and then got a job at the local magic store.

"The owner of the store, Richard Olsen, he taught me all kinds of things and I learned so much," he said. "All the big magicians coming through town would drop into the store and I got to meet them. That was really huge for me."

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