22 February 2015

The Story of the Blaney Ladder Levitation

A little bird from the IBM head office told me that Walter Blaney turned 87 on February 11th.  If you haven't already, send him a happy birthday e-mail  (Walter AT walterblaney DOT com)!

In the video below, Peter Reveen speaks about the illusion, and if I'm not mistaken, Julie Eng has a cameo as well!

From the Walter Zaney Blaney YouTube channel:
The history of the famous Ladder Levitation Illusion as told by Walter Blaney himself. Guest appearance by David Copperfield, Lance Burton, James Dimmare, Jeff McBride, Peter Reveen, Steve Dacri and Stan Allen. A chapter in the documentary series Still Zaney After All These Years.

[via Carey Lauder and Ryan Joyce]

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