09 February 2015

Toronto: "Sketchy Magic" with Chris Mayhew and Chris Westfall

I was lucky enough to attend Ring 17's Members' Night, where Chris Mayhew and Chris Westfall gave us a sneak peak of some of their upcoming show, "Sketchy Magic."  One of the bits they did, was a routine I first saw David Acer and Richard Sanders perform back in 2001 at the very first CAM convention.  The Chrises were every bit as entertaining as David and Richard!  If the rest of "Sketchy Magic" is even half as good as what I saw, it's going to be a fantastic show.

From Chris Westfall's Facebook page:


James Alan, over at Abracadaberet, has kindly offered the readers of Canada's Magic a coupon code for 50% off tickets to "Sketchy Magic!"

Use the coupon code cmagic when you buy your tickets for Sketchy Magic to receive your discount*.

* Offer is subject to change without notice.  Canada's Magic earns a commission when you use the coupon code cmagic.

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