01 April 2015

Under new management

It is with mixed emotions that I announce, effective immediately, James Alan is in charge of Canada's Magic.  As many of you know, I started this site over 4 years ago and have since tried to make a go at making it financially viable.  I remain grateful to my sponsors past and present (Doug Cuff, Ryan Pilling, Clive Court, Phil & Evelyn Matlin and Jeff Pinsky) for showing me their support.  However, the sweat equity to income ratio remains unfavourable.

I have great faith that the site will be in good hands.  James did wonders with the Ring 17 social media during his presidency.  I understand that he's got many creative plans lined up for the future.  (Based on the success of the recent "Thirty seconds with..." interviews, I understand he's lining up some interesting podcasts with mimes).  I will be assisting him with transition in the short term.

For current sponsors, you have the option of riding out your current contract or contacting me directly to make alternate arrangements.  For my long time supporters, I thank you and hope that you show James the same support and encouragement that you've shown me over the years.  Before you contact me to find out the unpublishable details, I recommend that you check the date this was posted.

Thank you, as always, for your support and understanding.

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