18 May 2015

Daryl Easton Special Guest at Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp

From Sorcerers Safari:
Daryl Easton, The Magician's Magician, Special Guest at Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp this Summer

Toronto, Ontario. - May 17th, 2015 EST - Amidst rampant magic forum speculation, Sorcerers Safari Summer Magic Camp announced it is bringing in the world famous Magician's Magician as the special guest at Magic Camp this summer.

Daryl Easton travels all the way from Northern California to the Sorcerers Safari Summer Magic Camp in Ontario, Canada. (Daryl comes for the kids, but stays for the magic; "Love it," say Sorcerers Safari staffers.)

With a record number of best selling DVDs & books, having traveled the world several times over, winning the card category at a FISM, and probably sitting on a ton of great unpublished ideas – Daryl has lots to offer the campers. He's famous for his decades of innovative thinking behind sleight of hand, which has garnered him international acclaim. Now imagine what it would be like to spend a camp session with this guy?!

The inspiration for asking Daryl to spend time at magic camp, recalled Mike Segal, owner of Sorcerers Safari, "He simply loves magic and would be a perfect fit for camp and the kids," Segal said. "And there is no better way to spend time immersed in the art of magic than with one of your heroes from all those videos and DVDs you own. Who doesn't love Daryl? He's awesome!"

The idea of having celebrity magic stars as special guests at camp is always one of the hot debates at the annual executive staff meetings. (Sorcerers Safari Summer Magic Camp chooses only the best of the best to come up as special guest.) After unanimously agreeing Daryl was a perfect fit, we asked and he gladly accepted.

"Daryl is going to have a great time at magic camp, and so are all the campers and staff. Imagine all of the experiences he can recount about performing on HBO's Magical Moments with Dick Cavett, sessioning with Dai Vernon & Larry Jennings at the Magic Castle, headlining at Caesar's Magical Empire, and the rest of all the legendary things he's done in his life," said Browser's Den of Magic owner, Jeff Pinsky. "This is going to be magic camp's 17th year in operation, and I can't remember a time when everyone was so excited about a special guest like Daryl."

Pinsky adds, "I've always admired Daryl for his skill and showmanship and now it’s nice to see him sharing with the youth of magic, as well as the local Toronto magic community."

According to Mike Segal, magic camp is growing exponentially with a high rate of return campers and return staff. With luck, Daryl will love camp so much, he too, will return repeatedly.

Are you ages 8-20 or know someone who is and would benefit from a week at Sorcerers Safari?

Learn more about attending Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp with Daryl this year - please visit: http://sorcererssafari.ca/about/register-for-magic-camp-2015/ 

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