26 May 2015

Interview with the World Grand Champion of Magic

Part one of the interview from the Greg Frewin Theatre:
We love sharing magical ideas with all our readers, from our favourite family movies to some easy magic tricks for kids. However, when it comes to magic, there's no better topic than Greg Frewin! So why not get an interview with the World Grand Champion of Magic himself? We sat Greg down (and trust us, it's not that easy! Between performing in one of the top Niagara Falls attractions, creating new illusions, building the sets, and enjoying time with his family, he's generally pretty busy) and got him to answer some questions about how he came to be a magician, what has inspired him, and how he creates his show.

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You can find part two of the interview:
It's what you've been waiting for! It's the second part of our interview with the World Grand Champion of Magic, Greg Frewin. During part one of our interview, Greg outlined what influenced him when he was younger and figuring out what he wanted to become (if you haven't read part one, click here). Today, Greg will reveal some of the backstage elements of his show.

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