24 May 2015

Review: "A Series of Unfortunate Effects"

From the Magic Junkies:
Coming in at around 90 minutes, A Series of Unfortunate Effects is a fun, engaging and wonderfully unique instructional DVD featuring some of the best card magic I’ve seen in some time. The movie (yep, I’m calling it a movie) features appearances by Lee Asher, Jeff Hinchliffe, Glenn West, Chris Westfall, plus the creators Chris Mayhew and Ben Train. Bill Abbott even makes an appearance as a maniacal card collector – hey if the shoe fits  Even without the card routines and explanations, I thought the movie was really fun with several laugh out loud moments. The chemistry between Chris Mayhew and Ben Train provides an enjoyable romp through underground card magic. (I’ll take this moment to mention that Chris Mayhew cracks me up!) The video itself is shot in HD and edited beautifully, with great attention to detail throughout. The appearances and card routines are just icing on the proverbial cake. It is a creative adventure that is a joy to watch.

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