21 May 2015

Toronto: Norman Beck lecture

Tickets and additional information at: http://bit.ly/nbeck

Discover one of the best kept secrets in all of magic:

"Norman Beck fools me every time I see him. He was kind enough to let me put one of his effects on my last TV Special. He is very clever."
-David Blaine

“Stormin' Norman Beck is of my favorite people and magicians. He’ll make you laugh with his zany humor and that good-old-boy twang, and he’ll fool you with his diabolical thinking, methods, and routining."
-Steve Forte

"There are only a few people in the world that I would consult with, share ideas, get advice, and their critique about magic, such a man is Norman Beck."
-Asi Wind

Norman is brilliant. He has created some of the seminal tricks in Magic and you should listen to what he has to say and use his ideas. Some of the biggest names in Magic already do!"
-Peter Samelson
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