25 June 2015

Spidey and his team The Surrealists on "Fake Off"

From VOCAB Communications:
Canadian mentalist and hypnotist “Spidey” and his team “The Surrealists” featured in US Weekly for one of Fake Off’s most shocking tricks
-“That was the biggest fake off we’ll maybe ever see in the entire show!”  
-  Fake Off judge Casper Smart - 
Toronto, ON (June, 18) - Canadian mentalist and hypnotist sensation Spidey, and his team The Surrealists, wowed the judges in the semi-finals of Season 2 of Fake Offwith an electricity-themed performance. Team members Joel Meyers (St. Louis), Joseph Reohm (Los Angeles), and Spidey (Montreal), left Judge Casper Smart in shock with their unexpected magic trick and earned them the only perfect score of the season. The semi-finals aired on June 17 on truTV, and US Weekly was quick to pick up the exclusive video of the performance.  

“That was the biggest fake off we’ll maybe ever see in the entire show!” says judge Casper Smart.  
The Season 2 semi-finals will air on ACTION in Canada on July 15, and the season finale will air on July 22. Known for his incredible hypnosis demonstrations and viral videos, Spidey has also been nominated for Canadian Magician of the Yearand Canadian Variety Entertainer of the Year. His unique style has captivated audiences and left them amazed. He made it as a finalist on Canada’s Got Talent, as well as appeared on the Discovery ChannelSyFy, CBC, and Space.His SyFy episode for Wizard Wars received over one million views. He has worked as a Hollywood consultant and most recently for actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Inception and The Dark Knight), as well as for Academy award-winning director Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future and Cast Away). Spidey is also the star of Guzzo Magic Series, primarily broadcasted through cinemas in Montreal and Quebec and surrounding areas, with over six million views per year.  
Spidey is best known for his YouTube video that immediately went viral with over 1.65 million hits. Spidey immediately became an international online sensation with people from 210 countries tuning in to watch his incredible confrontation with a police officer. Pulling him over for speeding and running a stop sign, viewers from around the world were mesmerized by Spidey’s incredible hypnosis techniques.

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