11 July 2015

Great odds of winning! Less than a week to enter.

At present, the odds are looking really good for winning a pair of tickets to see Darcy Oake in Toronto!

If your entry was disqualified, you still have time to fix it.

Less than one week to enter.  Good luck everyone!

Current contest entries:

12015-06-29James Alan
22015-06-29Durgy Spade
32015-06-29Mike D'Urzo
42015-06-29Mike Segal
52015-06-29Phil DC
62015-06-29Willson Wong
72015-06-29Dan McLean Jr
82015-06-29Ken McCreedy
92015-06-29Jason Maiuri
102015-06-29Ray Xu
disqualified (no contact info) 2015-07-09derek johnston
disqualified (no contact info)2015-07-09DG
112015-07-09John Harrison

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