23 July 2015

Greg Frewin in the Niagara Falls Review

From the Niagara Falls Review:
It's no illusion that you're seeing double with Greg Frewin this summer.

In addition to a regular nightly show at his Ellen Ave. theatre, the Niagara Falls magician can also be seen on the CW Network's revival of Masters of Illusion. He was on the first episode of season 2 July 10, and appears in five upcoming segments, starting with Episode 3 Friday night.

Frewin filmed the episodes last February. Among the illusions he performs are the 'squishier' illusion and the 'glass sawing origami' illusion. In the season premiere he performed the 'sphere,' in which one of his dancers is placed in a container which is pierced with flame lit stakes. When the container opens, two dancers and a wolf emerge.

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